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O Shit am I on FIRE?

What is that smell?..........  is that smoke I see?........  why am I hot?  O SHIT, I'm ON FIRE! Work in infosec long enough and you will see a fire or two, Oh hell let's be honest, work in infosec long enough and you will be the cause of a fire or two. It could be your flagship application leaking vast amounts of data, it could be the secretary clicking on a link, a misconfiguration, a failed patch, your most critical 3rd party has a data breach, and ransomware event all in one, then there is the tomfoolery of China, Russia, North Korea just to name a few.  At some point, we have all gotten the "Shits on fire" call at some ungodly hour of the night, and this is assuming we were sleeping, instead of sitting up chewing our fingernails waiting for the phone to ring with a fire on the other end that we then have to deal with. This constant barrage of fires, day in and day out, takes a toll just like in a real fire-you get burnt. Then we have the political fires when some
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Seven Ways Security Can Improve Your Sex Life

Let's talk about sex, baby (sing it) Let's talk about you and me (sing it, sing it) Let's talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be Wise words from Salt-N-Pepa. The "good things" and "the bad things". Because I want to end tonight's show on a positive note, I want to first address the bad things. Sex is generally a good thing, but like most good things, humans make them into bad things. I don't EVER want to minimize the importance of recognizing the bad things: Rape Incest Molestation Sexual assault Exploitation Pornography (especially involving children) Prostitution These are all bad things with REAL victims. Our hearts go out to anyone and everyone who is or has been a victim of deviant sexual behavior. Some resources for all of us to know about: Sex Offenders and Sex Offenses: Overview - Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Websit

Episode #25 - Kiss and Make Up?

So, lets face it, the decisions for the next president is probably already made despite everyone still running round the country stumping for more votes and hoping for a last minute turnout. We’ve seen record numbers of folks at the polls and the USPS folks have carried (successfully) more and more mail in ballots than we’ve seen in many years gone past. Which means the dye is cast, we just have to wait to hear who’s won the next 4 years in the hot seat. Which means the time for healing is upon us, or at least we should be planning for it. OR CAN we? Every 4 years it seems as if we up the ante in this fight for power, mud is slung, words are exchanged, wounds opened and then it’s over. We’re meant to move on, and try to get back to working together as ONE country as opposed to two divided ideologies or 50 individual states. To me this is like lawyers at the end of a trial who’ve insulted each other and their clients for days on end, they just shake hands and move on, while some of us S

Episode #24 Is My Vote Secure?

Will my vote count this year?  What is the safest way to vote? So many options, so many questions, and a shitload of confusion.  As the last few weeks of this unprecedented year have unfolded the focus has been shifting to the upcoming election and the challenges the pandemic has created for our democratic process, specifically how in the actual F are we going to vote this year. some of the questions we have been pondering are: If I vote by mail will it arrive and be counted? Is 1234 actually an admin password for voting machines? Are the Russians and Iranians or "others" setting up fake ballot boxes? I want to wait in line for 19 hours to vote in person how safe is the voting machine? Should I vote from my phone, is that safer than mail or in-person? Will my vote be thrown out on a technicality? Who is counting the votes and are they trustworthy? How safe is my polling location? How can I identify real poling security from someone pretending to be?  The list of questions goe

Episode #23 - Disunited States of America

For episode 23 of the Security Shit Show – Watch it LIVEThursday night @ 2200 CST ! The "United" States of America has never been more disunited and divided, at least not in my lifetime. There's a hypothesis claiming a reason for our division is the disinformation that floods our inboxes, televisions, newsfeeds, and social media accounts every second of every day. Is this true? Is disinformation dividing us? What is disinformation anyway? Is there someone or something behind it all? Let’s break this down into component parts using as much logic and reason as we can muster. Logic and reason are beautiful things, but they fight against biases and emotions in our minds. The battle is in our heads. Alright, let’s go down the rabbit hole. Trying to simplify what’s in my own head, but not oversimplify. We need to define “disinformation”, and it helps to define “information” first. Yesterday I wrote a simple explanation of what information is, and how it differs from data. Data

Episode #22 - Shit, We’re Breaking Down

This topic hits home (hard). We, the pioneers, the forefathers, the originators of this bloody industry that we’re dissecting every week are breaking down. We’re past our sell by date, our warranty’s expired, and bugger all chance of getting one of those extended ones…heck we’re almost at a point where we can get Medicaid AND free bus rides. We can’t be more than 20 yards from a toilet, our bodies are breaking…I just learned what the hell gout was (the painful way) and I’m fairly certain that my loving daughter (who called me old and moldy) IS buying me a walking cane for my birthday. HOW do we pass the baton, what can we do to bring the next generation through with LESS mistakes than we made, how do we champion others AND will you please keep those bloody kids OFF my lawn!?! This evening is going to be both groans and moans about falling apart AND a debate about what do we do with the younger generation, those that must take over AND hopefully do a better job than we did. Join us LIVE

Shitty Co-Workers (Episode 21 )

  We have all had to deal with Shitty co-workers in our careers  Y ou know the co-worker who just never seems to want to help, or worse yet actively gets in the way of work getting done, the Co-worker who works harder at avoiding the work than doing the work, the one with the constant bad attitude and excuses. With COVID and remote work the Shitty Co-workers are getting worse and some of us who used to be good co-workers stuck in isolation are now turning into the shitty ones. Our Co-workers get paid by the same company as us, they should be focused on the same business objectives as us, yet it seems as if they are working for someone else for some other purpose.  When it comes to information security not only is this behaviour annoying, it is irresponsible and dangerous and could lead to someone's death. What makes a Shitty Co-worker?  Lack of commitmit to the team Constant negative attuduite  Not focusing on the issues at hand Creating unessary polictal hurdles  Avoiding responsi