Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Episode Two Wrap-up & Future Episode Ideas

OK, so we had a slight live feed issue again. If you were live with us, you felt my pain.

The conversation last Thursday night was great! 

Our topic, in case you missed it, was Silver Bullet Easy Button Bullshit. The three of us had plenty of shit to share on the topic, and the show went long. We covered things from the perspective of shitty marketing in our industry and we also covered it from the perspective of the shitty work we do sometimes by trying to find/use silver bullets and easy buttons.

NOTE: Not all marketing is bad nor is the marketing industry. What's bad is shitty marketers who sell shit that do what it's marketed as doing. Shame.
  • If you missed the live show, you can catch the episode two recording here; https://youtu.be/3WOPCy6ruIE
  • If you like listening more than you like watching, you can catch the podcast episode here; 
Future Episode Ideas
We rotate picking the topic for each episode. Chris picked the topic for episode one, I picked episode two's topic, Ryan's picking this week's topic, then we'll cycle back to Chris again. As I think of new episode topic ideas, I write them down. Here's a current list of topics that we might cover in a future episode:
  • What would you say you do here?
  • Us and them, aren't we we?
  • Impostor syndrome 
  • It’s OK to not be OK
  • Your shit stinks too.
  • We’re three white guys.
  • Shit is shit, isn’t it?
  • Your “friends” treat your shit like shit.
  • Why we give a shit about your shit.
  • When mom and dad don’t know shit.
  • Nobody would want my shit anyway.
  • People don't get our shit.
  • Zero Trust, it’s NOT new shit.
  • The identity theft racket.
  • Your shit don’t stink? Bullshit!
  • Ego. Fuck Your Ego!
  • AI Won’t Compensate for Your Own Lack of “I”.
  • Your Degree Is Good, But It Don’t Make You L337.
Some of these topic titles are self-explanatory, while others will require explanation on the show. Not sure what Ryan's topic will be yet for this week. We'll probably find out soon and let you all know.

Be safe and wash your hands!

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