Thursday, June 25, 2020

Shit Show Episode #7

IS it Navajo? Klingon? Esperanto? or heavens help us is it Qwghlmian?

No…it’s geek.


Seriously, what the hell is it with our industries ability to make words up, spew out acronyms and do our level best to flummox and alienate anyone NOT like us? WE have a communication problem and yet we keep on inventing more and more obscure words and phrases to describe what we’re doing.

So, this week we’re going to unpack that shit.

We’re going to get out the translators AND break down some of the stupidity that is geek speak and translate it TO plain and simple English that everyone can understand.

We’re NOT dumbing it down, because that implies the non-technical folks “won’t understand” but we WILL demystify, deconstruct and break down some of the language barriers

Oh, and along the way we’re going to help us build a compendium that I’m in the middle of doing!

Join us OR die in a sea of acronyms that rivals that of the Military!!

The Security Shit Show is LIVE tonight (6/25) @ 10pm CDT -


-Security Shit Show Crew (Chris, Ryan, and Evan)

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