Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Shit's Confusing - Episode Four

If you missed the live version of our last episode (#3 – Ego? Fuck Your Ego), we got you covered!  The video recording is here, and the podcast is here. If you want to stay up on these things, consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel or Podcast and get updates (like you don’t get enough email already, right?).

Episode Four Topic

It’s Chris’ go this week and he’s a little (maybe a lot) torqued about all the shit going on in the world right now. Our topic this week is ethics and morals. So far, we’ve affectionately given the episode name “Moral and Ethical Shit in a Shitty World”.

Thoughts on the topic:

  • We talk about ethics BUT let’s talk about ethics AND morals.
  • We’ve seen SO much shit from ALL sides in the last week, some of us are tempted to grab a keyboard and “help” out. Is this stepping over an ethical boundary? Is this stepping over a moral boundary?
  • Is hacking the scammers to retrieve lost money moral, ethical, right, or wrong?
  • Is hacking Snapchat to find someone kid right or wrong?
  • Who gets to decide what’s moral, ethical, right or wrong?
  • How do we navigate a simple boundary, grey area OR is it simply being able to wake up in the morning AFTER handing over video footage of brutality in MSP to “people” and being able to look at yourself in the mirror and justify it, and then WHO gets to rule those justifications?
  • Does it all come down to a “moral compass” and what the hell IS a “moral compass”?
  • What’s the tipping point? I won’t raise a finger if someone kicks the dog, or breaks down my neighbor’s door, but if you touch a hair on the head of any one of my family members, I/we will ensure ALL your digital worlds come tumbling down.
  • Who gets to decide what’s right, wrong, etc.?

This will get juicy, emotional, and controversial (maybe). We've got these tough question to cover and lots more to consider. We’ll get to the bottom of some of this shit and we might have to let some of the other shit just lay for now.

Regardless of what happens in this episode, remember that our primary goal is to be constructive. We want to help whenever and wherever we can; however, sometimes when things get raw, we’ll say things you might not agree with. Just know our hearts are on the side of good.

This is sure to be entertaining. Tune in live Thursday (6/4)night at 10PM!

See you at the Security Shit Show!

-Security Shit Show Crew (Chris, Ryan, and Evan)

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