Thursday, July 23, 2020

Episode #10 (“We Want You…”) is in the books…

We’re late posting this update. Our bad.

Episode #10 was recorded live last week (7/16) and it was our best one yet! It was Chris’ topic, and here’s his write-up:

On tonight’s Security Shit Show, Ryan Cloutier, CISSP Evan Francen and I are going to tackle the wonderful world of job descriptions, recruiting and the disaster that appears to be getting people INTO the industry!

As a guide, the below should help frame the conversations!

Job descriptions (AND their meanings)

1.       To be part of the team (you’re the first!)

2.       To lead from the front (you’re the bullet shield)

3.       To be THE voice (and get blamed)

4.       To bridge DevSecOps (You’re buying coffee and donuts)

5.       Drug free workplace (no coffee, tea, alcohol, weed, glue, or gluten)

6.       To have the following (The tick-list from hell)

a.       Degree (you know because that ALWAYS helps…)

b.       CISSP (yea, it’s only an intern role, but we to keep up appearances)

c.       5 years of experience (ALL entry level people have that, right?!?)

d.       CEH (we googled this, it sounded cool)

e.       Knowledge of networking (WTF is the difference between 5, 5e, 6, etc.)

f.        Experience with WiFi (A, B, G, F, E, 2.4, 2.5, 5 and many other numbers)

g.       Fluent in acronym soup

h.       Fluent in geek, an undergraduate in business, psychology, and PPTX

You get the idea; we’re going to dismantle this shit tonight!

A great episode with a ton of great discussion. Afterwards, arguably our biggest fan, Rachel Arnold ran off and created a working group to tackle our industry’s recruitment problem. The group was VERY chatty almost immediately. Kudos to her!

Catch the live recording of Episode #10 here on YouTube.

Catch the podcast of Episode #10 here on Apple Podcasts.

Stay tuned, the Episode #11 is coming later today…

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