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Episode #11 - Why?

Why do we do this shit, why do you do this shit, and why do they do this shit?

We’re all busy as hell. We rush off to do shit, in a rush to get shit done. The shit we do is critical and we’re all important to… Wait!


Why am I busy as hell? Why am I rushing off to do shit? Why is it so important I get shit done? Why is what I do critical to anyone?

I just assume I know. I get caught up in the whirlwind of shit like most people do. If I get too deep in the shit, I easily forget why I chose to be here in the first place. Did I just assume I knew my purpose without taking the time to reflect on it?

This is deeper than I thought.

Why did I want to get into this industry? Why am I here?

Reflection time.

OK, I think I got my shit figured out.

What about you? Do you think you’ve got your shit figured out too? Is it safe for me to assume you do?

What about them, you know, the business people, the everyday people, and the people who don’t do what we do? Think they got their shit figured out too?

Does any of this matter?

Hell yes, it all matters! If I don’t have my shit figured out, I have no purpose. If you don’t have your shit figured out, you don’t have purpose either. If my shit and your shit align, we can do good shit together. If they don’t align, we can’t. I’m in this shit, you’re in this shit, and they’re in this shit too. We’re all in this shit together. Some of us are aligned (with our purpose) and some of us aren’t. If and where we’re in alignment, meaning our purposes can serve each other’s purposes, we’re allies. Where there isn’t alignment, we’re adversaries.

Simple. Alignment = Ally. Misalignment = Adversary.

Find your purpose first, then look for common ground in others. Don’t assume, validate. Assuming I know my purpose or your purpose or their purpose without validation leads to aimless bullshit. Lord knows, we have too much aimless bullshit already.

Be sure to catch episode #11 LIVE tonight!


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