Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Your shits broken! We want a recall!

This shit again…… Key pieces of technology that we rely on are broken and we have no recourse with the manufacture. Why is IT the only industry that when shit breaks, no one seems to be accountable or care to fix their faulty products, the majority of home routers are broken. In this time of COVID the security of our home routers is critical for our business, institutions, governments, and personal safety. It is a sad truth that I am not shocked when I hear this year’s newest home routers are all running out of date OS’s, out of date code with gaping holes and vulnerabilities.

 If this was a car, stove, toy, building material, TV etc. putting us at risk, we would have recourse with the consumer protection agency, with the manufacture through a recall but because it is the Blackbox of mystery known as IT there is nothing we can do to hold the vendor accountable for putting us at risk. So how do we change this, how do we the consumer take back the power to hold the manufactures accountable to fix and recall their products when those products are putting the world at risk, tune in this Thursday at 10pm central to find out.  


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