Wednesday, August 19, 2020

SHHHHH They are listening

Think you're having a private conversation, think again your TV, toaster, thermostat, smart speakers and phones are all listening to you all the time. You're most embarrassing and mundane moments are being listened to by quality control agents all around the globe.


Cyber criminals are combing through your chat logs, so they can craft the perfect phishing attack. Smart cameras and webcams are allowing predators access to your home and children. 

Nation states are listening so they can learn how best to sway your thinking and manipulate you.


Why does this matter to you, 3rd party companies are monetizing your personal information and nation-states are weaponizing it against you and your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.


Business are having confidential conversations around these spying devices potentially allowing trade secrets and sensitive information to leak.


We are sharing sensitive medical information with our doctors via iPads, laptops and smartphones, are you sure that the only person who knows about your embarrassing social disease is your doctor? 


Have you ever looked at the chat log to see what has been heard by these devices?


Do you know you can prevent this, that you can control how much of your life you expose to these in-home spying devices?
Tune in for a lively and honest discussion about who is listening and what you can do, to do to limit or prevent your most private conversations from becoming public. Thursday night at 10pm central 

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