Thursday, September 17, 2020

Episode #19 - How did we get here?

If you're wondering where our blog post for episode 18 went, well it didn't really go anywhere. It never existed!

We recorded our show last week without a blog post, and if you missed it live, you can watch it "Hands Up! Give Me All Your Money." here

This week is Chris' week. Chris has been busy as hell this week, so the fact he got this out is a miracle!

Here's his write up for this week's show:

Sometimes in order to keep moving forward, not only must you take one step at a time, but you must be willing to look back occasionally and evaluate your past, no matter how painful it is. Looking back lets you know whether or not you are headed in the right direction.” (G.K Adams)

Having just worked with the Semperis crew on delivering a lecture the other day on the historical tie-ins between how we ALL approach technology today and the influences ON those decisions from almost 12,000 years of documented history affect us it’s something I want to explore further.

So, this evening’s Shit Show we'll dig a little deeper with Evan Francen, Ryan Cloutier, CISSP and Rachel Arnold

We’ll go back to Jericho in 9600 BCE and work our way forward to see how we might better learn from some of the pitfalls that our ancestors found instead of simply continuing to jump into the bloody things each time they are presented.

For those of you who are brain diggers OR simply want to know why we continue to do the same daft things I encourage you to join in, for the rest, grab the popcorn and watch as we try to untangle the brain and humans in general.

This evening (Thur) 21:00 Mountain, links below:

‘all for now


This is going to a great discussion! Check in live here. If you are already asleep at 10pm CDT or if you have better things to do tonight, check back later for the recording.

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