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Episode #20 - Somebody's Got To Pay (for this)!

Alright, it’s my turn (Evan).

The issue is accountability, or (maybe) lack of accountability, in our industry.

Bad things happen and people either:

  • Sling mud.
  • Run and hide (hoping nobody will notice).
  • Defend why they didn't take accountability.

There are good examples out there too, so I don't want to paint a unnecessarily grim picture. I contend there are less good examples of accountability than there are bad examples.

This has been a topic that’s been dominating my thoughts again for the past couple weeks. I say “again” because this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about it.

During episode 18, a couple weeks ago, we were talking about ransomware. The talk was great, but the frustration felt by Chris, Ryan, and myself was obvious. Why do we keep doing the same things repeatedly? Why don’t people do the basics? 

My take was the lack of accountability. So, I drafted a Ransomware Recovery Contract to help.  

So, tonight I want to dig into the greater issue of accountability in general. 

  • The importance of accountability.
  • Repeating the same mistakes over and over.
  • Safe to assume people know?
  • People are dying.
  • When to define accountability.
  • Who’s ultimately accountable for what?
    • In tech – buggy software, social media (see the social dilemma), etc.
    • Big organizations.
    • Small organizations.
    • Public organizations.
    • School districts.
  • Examples of accountability disfunction.
  • Examples of good accountability.
  • What to do about it.
  • Get out ahead. Better now than never (or later).
  • Will CEOs be personally liable someday?

This discussion is sure to be good! Join us LIVE tonight at 10pm (2200) CDT for our thoughts (and some entertainment too).


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