Thursday, October 29, 2020

Episode #25 - Kiss and Make Up?

So, lets face it, the decisions for the next president is probably already made despite everyone still running round the country stumping for more votes and hoping for a last minute turnout. We’ve seen record numbers of folks at the polls and the USPS folks have carried (successfully) more and more mail in ballots than we’ve seen in many years gone past.

Which means the dye is cast, we just have to wait to hear who’s won the next 4 years in the hot seat.

Which means the time for healing is upon us, or at least we should be planning for it.

OR CAN we?

Every 4 years it seems as if we up the ante in this fight for power, mud is slung, words are exchanged, wounds opened and then it’s over. We’re meant to move on, and try to get back to working together as ONE country as opposed to two divided ideologies or 50 individual states. To me this is like lawyers at the end of a trial who’ve insulted each other and their clients for days on end, they just shake hands and move on, while some of us STILL want to throw that Molotov cocktail across the courtroom.

HOW does this nation repair itself, how do families, communities and people come together, CAN WE?

How does one side not gloat? How does the other not lament what could/should have been? AND how DOES a house divided against itself actually work??

LOTS to talk about this evening, join us for a lengthy discussion on these topics and more. 

Join us LIVE tonight @ 2200 CST.


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Episode #24 Is My Vote Secure?

Will my vote count this year? 

What is the safest way to vote?

So many options, so many questions, and a shitload of confusion. 

As the last few weeks of this unprecedented year have unfolded the focus has been shifting to the upcoming election and the challenges the pandemic has created for our democratic process, specifically how in the actual F are we going to vote this year. some of the questions we have been pondering are:

  • If I vote by mail will it arrive and be counted?
  • Is 1234 actually an admin password for voting machines?
  • Are the Russians and Iranians or "others" setting up fake ballot boxes?
  • I want to wait in line for 19 hours to vote in person how safe is the voting machine?
  • Should I vote from my phone, is that safer than mail or in-person?
  • Will my vote be thrown out on a technicality?
  • Who is counting the votes and are they trustworthy?
  • How safe is my polling location?
  • How can I identify real poling security from someone pretending to be? 
The list of questions goes on and on, it is enough to make your head spin your stomach hurt and your confidence in our democratic process to be shaken to its core.

What can you do? who has the answers we seek? how can you ensure your vote is secure and counted?

But don't worry yet, all hope is not lost there are things that can be done, and lots we can learn to improve in the future, we will be discussing this and more on this episode of the ShitShow.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Episode #23 - Disunited States of America

For episode 23 of the Security Shit Show – Watch it LIVEThursday night @ 2200 CST!

The "United" States of America has never been more disunited and divided, at least not in my lifetime. There's a hypothesis claiming a reason for our division is the disinformation that floods our inboxes, televisions, newsfeeds, and social media accounts every second of every day.

Is this true? Is disinformation dividing us? What is disinformation anyway? Is there someone or something behind it all?

Let’s break this down into component parts using as much logic and reason as we can muster. Logic and reason are beautiful things, but they fight against biases and emotions in our minds. The battle is in our heads.

Alright, let’s go down the rabbit hole. Trying to simplify what’s in my own head, but not oversimplify.

We need to define “disinformation”, and it helps to define “information” first. Yesterday I wrote a simple explanation of what information is, and how it differs from data.

Data is raw, unorganized representation of facts and/or statistics.

Information is organized data to provide meaning and relevance.

For our purposes, it’s safe to claim that data is fact and information is the interpretation of data; therefore, data is truth, and information is where lies can live.

A simple Google search of “disinformation” gives us:

false information which is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media.

So, disinformation then, is false interpretations of data intended to mislead.

Cool. Now, how does this apply to us, more specifically, the division of the United States of America?

Deeper into the rabbit hole we go…


This is the U.S. population according to the United States Census Bureau as of 6:15am (10/15/2020). This is also the number of realities that exist in the United States. 

Yes, you read that right. There are 330 million+ REALITIES in the United States (at least).

There isn’t one single reality, unless there was nothing more than data without interpretation, and people don’t understand data without interpretation. A person's reality is their interpretation of data, and their interpretation will be heavily influenced by their perspective (with the bias, emotion, etc. that comes along).

Want to alter someone’s reality? Feed them a constant stream of information (your interpretation of data).

  • If your constant stream of information confirms their perspective, you’ll drive the nail deeper (maybe even create yourself a “radical”).
  • If your constant stream of information conflicts with their perspective, you might change their minds (assuming left brains prevail) or more likely evoke a slew of feelings that spill out the right side of their brain (where emotion lives), including anger, fear, confusion, depression, and maybe even violence.

A person’s perspective + the information they consume = their reality.

OK, this is simplified, but hopefully you smell what I’m steppin’ in here.

If you are na├»ve enough to think that (dis)information isn’t being used to manipulate people, then we you should spend some of your precious time to watch this episode of the Shit Show!

Examples of Disinformation Hot Topics

Just some topics that are used by disinformationists (a new word) to manipulate your vote and further divide us:

  • COVID-19
    • 217K deaths in the United States; cause of death versus had COVID-19 at time of death.
    • Trump should be held accountable for COVID-19 deaths in the United States
    • Masks stop the spread of COVID-19 versus limit the spread of COVID-19 versus do nothing to help.
    • “Superspreader” events; choir practices, Sturgis, birthday parties, political rallies, etc.
    • Lockdowns work versus lockdowns don’t work
    • Deaths from COVID-19 versus deaths from our response (failure to get preventative care, early detection of diseases, mental health/suicide, economic pressures, etc.)
  • Social Justice Issues
    • All cops are bad versus some cops are bad.
    • Minorities are being targeted versus minorities being more involved in crime leading to more encounters.
    • Law and order versus anarchy.
    • We should give back land to native Americans versus helping where people are currently at.
    • Reparations versus it not helping.
    • Systemic racism
    • All “patriots” are right-wing racists versus they’re just patriots who love their country.
    • Gun control versus gun control doesn’t work and it’s a right.
  • Immigration
  • The economy

There are many, many more examples of disinformation, but this is a good start. We could spend weeks talking about these alone.

How to Fight Disinformation

1. It starts with recognizing your own bias. Ask yourself:

  • Why do I believe what I believe?
  • Can I defend what I believe, using reason, without changing the subject or attacking/belittling someone who’s questioning me?
  • Are there facts to back what I believe, or do I use someone else’s interpretation of facts? If it’s someone else’s interpretation:
    • Are they biased?
    • Are they lying?
    • Do I truly trust them?
  • How much does my background influence my perspective at the expense of using data?

2. Entertain other perspectives. Other people might have valid points for you to consider. When doing this, ask yourself:

  • Are they using data to support their view?
  • Where did they get their data?
  • Can I research and review the data for myself?

3. Be respectful of others ALWAYS. It’s OK for other people to disagree with you and it’s OK to be unique. There’s nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree unless you disrespect someone else.

4. Do research. Find data.

5. Use your left brain (logic and reason) as much or more than using your right brain (emotion) when drawing conclusions. For some people, this comes more naturally than for others.


These are my thoughts for tonight’s Security Shit Show. Could be all bullshit or some good shit. You decide (hopefully with some data).


Thursday, October 8, 2020

Episode #22 - Shit, We’re Breaking Down

This topic hits home (hard).

We, the pioneers, the forefathers, the originators of this bloody industry that we’re dissecting every week are breaking down. We’re past our sell by date, our warranty’s expired, and bugger all chance of getting one of those extended ones…heck we’re almost at a point where we can get Medicaid AND free bus rides.

We can’t be more than 20 yards from a toilet, our bodies are breaking…I just learned what the hell gout was (the painful way) and I’m fairly certain that my loving daughter (who called me old and moldy) IS buying me a walking cane for my birthday.

HOW do we pass the baton, what can we do to bring the next generation through with LESS mistakes than we made, how do we champion others AND will you please keep those bloody kids OFF my lawn!?!

This evening is going to be both groans and moans about falling apart AND a debate about what do we do with the younger generation, those that must take over AND hopefully do a better job than we did.

Join us LIVE at 2200 CST. This is certain to be entertaining and some good discussion!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Shitty Co-Workers (Episode 21 )


We have all had to deal with Shitty co-workers in our careers 

You know the co-worker who just never seems to want to help, or worse yet actively gets in the way of work getting done, the Co-worker who works harder at avoiding the work than doing the work, the one with the constant bad attitude and excuses.

With COVID and remote work the Shitty Co-workers are getting worse and some of us who used to be good co-workers stuck in isolation are now turning into the shitty ones.

Our Co-workers get paid by the same company as us, they should be focused on the same business objectives as us, yet it seems as if they are working for someone else for some other purpose. 

When it comes to information security not only is this behaviour annoying, it is irresponsible and dangerous and could lead to someone's death.

What makes a Shitty Co-worker? 

  • Lack of commitmit to the team
  • Constant negative attuduite 
  • Not focusing on the issues at hand
  • Creating unessary polictal hurdles 
  • Avoiding responsibility or accountability 
  • Blaming others
  • Creating road blocks 
  • Causing delays and confusion 
  • Refusing to learn or grow
  • Never seems to be their issue to deal with
  • Generally being a shit person

Are you the shitty Co-worker? are you turning shitty from isolation? how can you help your shitty Co-workers to be less shitty?, all that and more tonight on the Security Shit Show

Thursday nights at 9 PM Mountian 10 PM Centeral

Evan, Chris and Ryan the Shitshow Crew 

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