Thursday, October 22, 2020

Episode #24 Is My Vote Secure?

Will my vote count this year? 

What is the safest way to vote?

So many options, so many questions, and a shitload of confusion. 

As the last few weeks of this unprecedented year have unfolded the focus has been shifting to the upcoming election and the challenges the pandemic has created for our democratic process, specifically how in the actual F are we going to vote this year. some of the questions we have been pondering are:

  • If I vote by mail will it arrive and be counted?
  • Is 1234 actually an admin password for voting machines?
  • Are the Russians and Iranians or "others" setting up fake ballot boxes?
  • I want to wait in line for 19 hours to vote in person how safe is the voting machine?
  • Should I vote from my phone, is that safer than mail or in-person?
  • Will my vote be thrown out on a technicality?
  • Who is counting the votes and are they trustworthy?
  • How safe is my polling location?
  • How can I identify real poling security from someone pretending to be? 
The list of questions goes on and on, it is enough to make your head spin your stomach hurt and your confidence in our democratic process to be shaken to its core.

What can you do? who has the answers we seek? how can you ensure your vote is secure and counted?

But don't worry yet, all hope is not lost there are things that can be done, and lots we can learn to improve in the future, we will be discussing this and more on this episode of the ShitShow.

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