Thursday, October 29, 2020

Episode #25 - Kiss and Make Up?

So, lets face it, the decisions for the next president is probably already made despite everyone still running round the country stumping for more votes and hoping for a last minute turnout. We’ve seen record numbers of folks at the polls and the USPS folks have carried (successfully) more and more mail in ballots than we’ve seen in many years gone past.

Which means the dye is cast, we just have to wait to hear who’s won the next 4 years in the hot seat.

Which means the time for healing is upon us, or at least we should be planning for it.

OR CAN we?

Every 4 years it seems as if we up the ante in this fight for power, mud is slung, words are exchanged, wounds opened and then it’s over. We’re meant to move on, and try to get back to working together as ONE country as opposed to two divided ideologies or 50 individual states. To me this is like lawyers at the end of a trial who’ve insulted each other and their clients for days on end, they just shake hands and move on, while some of us STILL want to throw that Molotov cocktail across the courtroom.

HOW does this nation repair itself, how do families, communities and people come together, CAN WE?

How does one side not gloat? How does the other not lament what could/should have been? AND how DOES a house divided against itself actually work??

LOTS to talk about this evening, join us for a lengthy discussion on these topics and more. 

Join us LIVE tonight @ 2200 CST.


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