Thursday, October 1, 2020

Shitty Co-Workers (Episode 21 )


We have all had to deal with Shitty co-workers in our careers 

You know the co-worker who just never seems to want to help, or worse yet actively gets in the way of work getting done, the Co-worker who works harder at avoiding the work than doing the work, the one with the constant bad attitude and excuses.

With COVID and remote work the Shitty Co-workers are getting worse and some of us who used to be good co-workers stuck in isolation are now turning into the shitty ones.

Our Co-workers get paid by the same company as us, they should be focused on the same business objectives as us, yet it seems as if they are working for someone else for some other purpose. 

When it comes to information security not only is this behaviour annoying, it is irresponsible and dangerous and could lead to someone's death.

What makes a Shitty Co-worker? 

  • Lack of commitmit to the team
  • Constant negative attuduite 
  • Not focusing on the issues at hand
  • Creating unessary polictal hurdles 
  • Avoiding responsibility or accountability 
  • Blaming others
  • Creating road blocks 
  • Causing delays and confusion 
  • Refusing to learn or grow
  • Never seems to be their issue to deal with
  • Generally being a shit person

Are you the shitty Co-worker? are you turning shitty from isolation? how can you help your shitty Co-workers to be less shitty?, all that and more tonight on the Security Shit Show

Thursday nights at 9 PM Mountian 10 PM Centeral

Evan, Chris and Ryan the Shitshow Crew 

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