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Seven Ways Security Can Improve Your Sex Life

Let's talk about sex, baby (sing it)

Let's talk about you and me (sing it, sing it)

Let's talk about all the good things

And the bad things that may be

Wise words from Salt-N-Pepa. The "good things" and "the bad things". Because I want to end tonight's show on a positive note, I want to first address the bad things.

Sex is generally a good thing, but like most good things, humans make them into bad things. I don't EVER want to minimize the importance of recognizing the bad things:

  • Rape
  • Incest
  • Molestation
  • Sexual assault
  • Exploitation
  • Pornography (especially involving children)
  • Prostitution

These are all bad things with REAL victims. Our hearts go out to anyone and everyone who is or has been a victim of deviant sexual behavior. Some resources for all of us to know about:

OK. Sorry (but not really), to get us off on that foot. These are real issues facing people in our society. These people are our neighbors, our co-workers, and even our family members. Our lack of acknowledgement contributes to problem, it DOES NOT make it go away. Sadly, deviant sexual behavior in our society is getting worse. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention and acknowledge it.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

"Let's talk about all the good things", or at least some of them.

Almost universally, we like sex. Some (maybe most) of us want more sex. Some (maybe most) of us want better sex. Better and more frequent HEALTHY sex results in some amazing mental, physical, and physiological benefits. 

YAY, more better sexing!

Where does information security fit into the sex equation? Can we use information security to actually improve our sex life? I'll quote my co-host, Chris Roberts, "Oh hell yes!!" Just some ideas (some are ours, and some come from Security Shit Show fans):

Cameras (on or off, depending upon your preferences) with NO Internet vulnerabilities

  • Bluetooth or IoT sex aids with NO uninvited 3rd parties
  • Peace of mind, leading to more "in the moment" times
  • Better reporting so you actually GET to bed
  • Sleep in on Sat mornings and don’t have to worry about information security
  • Information security guys, gals, and others, are sorta bad ass. We like a little bad ass, don't we?
  • Ability to defend home/nest/etc. is an appealing trait for reproduction (even if subconscious)
  • Etc.

Myself, I'm convinced that there's something real here. 

Let's start a sexual information security revolution!

(that mighta been hormones, oops)

We're going to explore all this in tonight's Security Shit Show LIVE at 2200 CST. Join us! This can be your infosex little blue pill. LOL!

See you there!



  1. What a show and great great distraction from events in the world.


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