Thursday, December 10, 2020

Episode #30 - What do you do when the security provider gets hacked?

Another day, another breach in the news, what's new? well..., this time the victim is one of the worlds leading information/cybersecurity providers. 

 The company has come forward to say that their offensive red team tools have been stolen, and most likely by a foreign nation.

What do we do when the very companies we trust to help protect our nation, become the target of military grade warfare? According to the company, this was not a run of the mill cyber attack, this was a highly sophisticated and targeted attack by a nation state.

This is not the first time a security company has been the target of a goverment sponsered attack, nor will it be the last. As an industry if the tools we produce to protect, can also harm what are the obligations to protect them? and how liable are we if they get stolen and used for naferious purposes? 

Knowing that our industry will continue to be a target of highly shopoistcated goverment attacks, what obligation if any, does the goverment have to help us protect ourselfs while protecting them? 

What if any rules need to apply to the production and manufacture of weaponized computer code (if it can kill, damage and disrupt) is it not then a weapon or destructive device?  

Who watches out for the watcher of the watchers? this and more on tonight's show. 

 Tune in tonight 9 pm Mountain 10 pm central  (12/10) LIVE to catch what the guys have to say about all this.

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