Thursday, January 14, 2021

Episode #32 - Where's the plunger?!

We're back after three weeks off!

Seems the world didn't right itself while we were away. SUNUVA...! (or BUGGER for Chris)

2020's gone. YAY

2021's here. YAY!


The calendar flipped, but the script didn't. 2020 was a f*cked up year for sure. Like seriously f*cked up! There was no shortage of breaches, sh*tty security stuff, panic, fear, loathing, division, etc., etc., etc.

The new year brings hope, right? Hope for a fresh start. When the calendar flipped to 2021, there was a collective sigh of relief. 

Yes, 2020 is behind us! There's hope! We can see light at the end of the tunnel! Hope is GOOD!

Then reality hits (again).

The sh*t from 2020 didn't go away. It's like 2020s sh*t is still in the toilet bowl and the f*cking toilet is clogged. Will 2021 be a year we find the plunger or a year we eat a sh*tload of bad Mexican food while we ignore the clog? We don't want 2021s sh*t to pile on top of 2020s sh*t, do we?!

We've stumbled out of the gate (in 2021). If we don't do something soon, 2021s sh*t is gonna be bad.  We can't let 2021 become 2020 with more sh*t. The smell is terrible and it's unhealth as... Well, sh*t!

Can we flip the script? Sooner or later, we're gonna have to! Hell, isn't flipping the script something that motivates us in this industry? 

This will be a good episode for sure! Catch this episode of the Shit Show Live @ 10pm/2200 CST on YouTube, or watch it later.  We're HAPPY to be back!

-Ryan, Chris, and Evan

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