Thursday, May 6, 2021

Episode #46 Lawnmower Man

My Retirement Plan:

Is to head to New Zealand

Somewhere nice and remote

With good power (Wind farm, etc.)

Good internet (Wire and Satellite)

AND a nice AS/400 to live in

If I have my way, and I think well get there before I go too much more senile given the work being done on untangling some of the innerworkings of the brain, I should be at a point where not only can my current intelligent system recognize when I want a cuppa tea, but it can also figure out why.

As I’m helping TO push the boundaries of integration, I’ve every confidence that a digital version of me will be coursing around the Interwebs before I’m pushing up daisies. Which brings a WHOLE heap of questions.

What makes us human?

Are we just quarks and binding energy?

Is there really something else to this?

Can we be broken down into pulses?

Where are the limits? (if any)

So, for now, I’m going to hang out in my AS/400 and watch things unfold AND if it looks really dodgy I’m going to work out a way to simply fire my digital self into space as a set of waves and see what the hell happens…

Lawnmower man, here we come!

Join Evan Francen Ryan Cloutier, CISSP Rachel Arnold and I this evening on the #shitshow to discuss.

‘all for now

#power #energy #hacker #technology #infosec #ai

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