Thursday, September 2, 2021

Episode #61 Say Something Nice...

I remember my Mother teaching me “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all” and there’s a LOT of merit in that statement for various situations.... However, when it comes to our industry, and some of the companies, folks, and players INSIDE of it I must admit I’ve broken that rule on several occasions.
Which brings me to the rather splendid Osthoff Resort, sandwiched between Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin.
I’m here...
Surrounded by a posse of FBI agents, InfraGard folks, and businesses...

THANKFULLY I’m not alone in this pickle. I’ve got Evan Francen and Ryan Cloutier, CISSP with me to even out the odds a little.
And we’ve just spent the day (I’m up on stage in a couple of hours to complete the trifecta of apocalyptic horsemen) beating the living snot out of the entire industry, LOTS of folks, companies, and agencies that are in it.
Which means we should probably end the day thinking/saying something nice. IF nothing else we need to give folks some hope (and ourselves some redeeming qualities beyond just binging the alcohol.)
SO, this evening the #shitshow IS going to be live FROM the FBI/InfraGard stage and IF we can, we’re going to find some good things to talk about. There might be some pauses, some moments of silence as we work out what IS good....
Come along, hang out, join in (we’re doing audience participation on this one)
AND let’s see if there ARE some good things inside InfoSec (aside from the availability of alcohol, tea, and caffeinated beverages)

Shout out to InfraGard for allowing us in!
AND to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for being nice enough to not arrest me on sight again....
‘all for now, see folks late

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