Thursday, October 21, 2021

Episode #68 What are you talking about, Confusing Communication, Causing Calamity.

Words matter, your choice of words can have a profound impact on the outcome.

 We love to speak OUR language the language of tech and engineering. Our language is complex and full of unique terms, it is a beautiful language that no one outside of tech understands.

We must ask ourselves why we would speak tech talk to non-technical people. This is like trying to speak Sanskrit to a person who doesn’t speak Sanskrit. We need subtitles or translators because our language is not helping to get the message across to our users. We bitch and moan they are not doing what we told them to do and that’s why we got breached, but we are failing to realize we told them in a language that to them sounds like Charlie Browns parents.

Our language is full of $50 dollar words, acronyms, negative and aggressive words, complex words that require a novels worth of information to put into context.

If we hope to fix what is broken, to do more with less, to increase security, to reduce risk and make an ethical sale or two along the way, then we need to find a way to communicate that resonates with every person. Simple and understandable, easy to connect with and internalize, relatable and personal these are the corner stones of effective communication.


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